Kali Baby

I really want to fuck an older man.

I have a co worker (lets call him Tony) who’s 40 years old, and holy shit I want to fuck him so bad. I’m even considering letting him teach me guitar just so I’ll have the opportunity to go to his house and have some alone time.

I definitely think he’s into me a bit. I’m 19 and he’s always talking about how we should hang out and play video games or go to comic con (he’s a huge nerd lol) so I don’t think it’s too far fetched for him to maybe want to sleep with me too. I mean, he’s even told me about how he’s such a sexual deviant (hellllloooo daddy).

Oh my god, I want him to fuck me so hard. Just shove me down on his bed and Fucking take me, rough and forcefully. I’m so wet just thinking about it, calling him daddy as he uses me. Mmm.